A Quick Update

October 11, 2011

It is the time of month again when we can update you of the YC doings through youth eye. The YC has been busy as ever, Barry Thomson has been campaigning avidly to save the Hillylands Youth Centre in Mastrick, with petitions and information evenings. Hannah Bettsworth, Virag Erdi and Rebecca Lindsay have been hard at work with Drugs Action raising awareness and tackling the issues surrounding youth substance misuse.

The Youth Council is beginning an internal audit to tighten up procedure and ensure that we are running to the fullest capacity. This process is beginning with an Office Bearers meeting and will progress to our Public meeting later on this year.

The Agenda is being kept busy, the Integrated Children’s Services Strategy and Management Committees have been asking after the Hear My Voice Consultation which is still in progress - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BTTP22D - please fill out the survey if you have time.

So, for another month, my best wishes and kindest regards



I Am What I Am

September 5, 2011
After another long delay I am happy to return and speak to you all once again. It has been a busy time, the restructuring within the council has meant that we have lost Hamish Cattanach, our eternal worker, and after a farewell meal we returned to the business of ensuring the future of the ACYC through these tough times.

It looks like a move into ACVO offices will be likely, otherwise we will be based in Torry, but we are working hard to keep ourselves centrally based and accessible to all.

We ...
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Re - election

April 27, 2011
After the 26th I am re - elected for another 2 years, I am hoping to tackle the issues surrounding PSE and social problems relating to youth in the city. These have come to my attention during the previous year and we are hoping to run a workshop with Choices Aberdeen to change the face of city PSE lessons forever and also inform the authorities, such as the police of the most effective way to tackle young crime and the reasons why it occurs.
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The Aberdeen Foyer

February 9, 2011
I visited the Aberdeen Foyer a few weeks ago and believe it is a great way for young people to improve their skills and get involved, have a look at


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The Launch of the ACYC Youtube Page

February 9, 2011
As one of Sean's Manifesto pledges he has created a Youth Council youtube to allow greater accessibility and accountability to the Youth Council,

See the link for the first video with more to come.


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