Welcome the website of the Aberdeen City Youth Council Chair

This website has been created to give the youth of Aberdeen a direct link to the chair of the Aberdeen City Youth Council.

The Aberdeen City Youth Council is a registered Charity and all donations are welcome - SCO 31188

The Chairs Greeting 

The Aberdeen City Youth Council is the official voice for youth in Aberdeen, giving them a direct link to the Aberdeen City Council. The Youth Council is made up of young people, aged between 12-25 years, from different areas and interest groups in Aberdeen. Youth Councillors are committed to involving and consulting young people and believe young people should have a voice at local, citywide, national and international levels.

The City Youth Council does so much within the city to help promote young people and their interests. There are currently 20 Youth Councillors that sit with committees such as the Licensing Board, the Youth Activities Small Grants, the GRADE A committee (Get Real About Drugs Education).

As Chair I focus primarily on creating the agenda for meetings and chairing them. I sit with the Integrated Childrens Service Strategic Partnership which outlines policy affecting Children across the city. I also work with the VSA, RNLI, Salvation Army, Drugs Action, The City Council and Schools across the city.

The role is very fufilling and I gain a great satisfaction from serving the young people of this city


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